Heritage Volunteering

The Arts Society Isle of Man runs a programme of heritage volunteering.

The Arts Society Isle of Man Heritage Volunteering

Heritage VolunteeringAs many of you will realise from reading the The Arts Society Review, heritage volunteering is one of the keystones of the organisation’s work.

The first project involved a small group of volunteers, under the auspices of Manx National Heritage, processing material for the iMuseum. Having successfully helped to process key photographic collections for digitalisation for the Museum, volunteers turned to 19th century legal documents from the Isle of Man Registry – wills, debts, house and land transfers etc. Other projects involve checking and classifying documents stored in the stack, and one volunteer has entered 19th century prison records onto a spreadsheet – debtors, transportees and single mothers are all there.

Needless to say, Manx National Heritage has been very grateful for this assistance and there is every sign that the amount and variety of volunteer work will increase in the future. If anyone is interested in such work, please contact the Manx Museum and ask for Wendy Thirkettle.

From 2015-16 volunteers completed a number of projects at Milntown. Click here for an article about the Milntown Library

Heritage Volunteering

Volunteering Update June 2020

Planning continues to introduce future projects at Miltown but no further work was undertaken during the 2019-20 season.