Church Recorders

Church Floor Mosaic

The Church Recorders are a sub-group of The Arts Society.

Secular groups of volunteers interested in preserving national heritage work together to record the contents of places of worship. Records assist with compilation of terriers and inventories, preserve information for posterity in case of closure, provide information for police in cases of theft or other damage and provide basic information for researchers.

Isle of Man Church Recorders: Review 2013-2014


Eileen Crellin, who was a member for seven years died on 28th June 2014, at home, after a long illness. She had recently worked on Windows at both Ballaugh Churches and her broad knowledge, inquisitive mind and quiet humour will be greatly missed by us all.

Shirley Harvey-Whiting, who almost has Church Recording in the blood having been a recorder since the early days, first in the UK and then in the Isle of Man, has retired as has Sue Brown due to family commitments, but we welcome Janet Suss-Francksen as a new member.


St Mary De Ballaugh, New Parish Church

Regular weekly meetings continued at The New Parish Church, Ballaugh, until April, when we moved to Arbory. On advice that the chapel of St Cairbre was shortly due to close we concentrated there first and will move to St Columb in the autumn of 2014.

The records for both Ballaugh churches were checked and rechecked over the winter and were finally ready for printing in May. Both records will be presented during the Ballaugh celebrations for the Isle of Man year of Culture in October 2014.

Church Recorders on the Isle of Man continue to be funded by IOM DFAS as part of the Society's Educational, Conservation and Charitable activity. In addition the group receives contributions towards the cost of the record from The Arts Society headquarters and from Culture Vannin (formerly The Manx Heritage Foundation).

Social and training

In December 2013 members of the Church Recorders met once more in the Manx Museum for mince pies and coffee. The annual 'picnic' is expected to take place in August.

North West Area Training Days:

  • November 2013 at Salmesbury on Metalwork and Woodwork. (Jonathan and Rosemary Latimer and Madeleine Sankey attended.)
  • March 2014 at Horwich on Compiling and Editing. (Jonathan Latimer attended.)

Trails of Discovery

Isle of man Church

Trails of Discovery are aimed at children aged 8-12 years, but can be fun for the whole family.

The Trails of Discovery consist of illustrated questionnaires that take you on a trail around a specific church on the Island.

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