Church Recorders

Church Floor Mosaic

The Church Recorders are a sub-group of The Arts Society.

Secular groups of volunteers interested in preserving national heritage work together to record the contents of places of worship. Records assist with compilation of terriers and inventories, preserve information for posterity in case of closure, provide information for police in cases of theft or other damage and provide basic information for researchers.

Isle of Man Church Recorders: Review of 2008-2009

Christmas 2008 marked the completion of the St. Mark’s Record, the fifth completed by this group, which was presented to churchwarden of St. Mark’s Dariel Sayle in May 2009. Bound copies were presented to Roger Sims, librarian archivist for storage by Manx National Heritage (in their role as Diocesan Registry and National Monuments Records Centre) under access number MS11165 and to chairman Jane Hedley for The Arts Society (for storage in the Victoria and Albert Museum and by the Church Buildings Council) during an evening of early music by the Tallis Consort, an exhibition of artefacts, photographs and presentations by the Church Recorders in the presence of the Bishop Robert Patterson and the President of Tynwald, the Hon. Noel Cringle.

Bishop Robert addressed the audience at St. Mark's The Tallis Consort provided musical interludes National chairman Jane Hedley received the copies for the Victoria &Albert Museum and for the Church Buildings Council (formerly the Council for the Care of Churches) from Church Recorder Janet Gee.

Photographs: Jonathan Latimer

In January 2009 the Recorders began recording St. Thomas’ Parish Church in Douglas. They have been made very welcome there and good progress is being made to date.

St Thomas Interior

Photograph: Jonathan Latimer

During the summer a picnic was held in Andreas. Members were given an opportunity to meet the new chairman of IOM DFAS Anne Lee and visits took place to St. Jude’s Church and to see the nearby Sulby giant’s memorial. After lunch an extremely interesting talk was given to the group by John Crellin about the civil war fort remains that lie within the adjacent Curraghs.

The group have taken a recess from the end of May and will recommence recording sessions in September.

Membership remains relatively stable. Sadly missed, Recorder Ruth Donoghue died in October 2008. She was a keen and knowledgeable member, a mine of information about the Isle of Man and local churches, and a thorough proof reader. Since January the group have recruited a new and enthusiastic photographer and a small number of The Arts Society members have expressed an interest in joining the Recorders in September. The group looks forward to providing support and sharing their interest with new members. Regular training sessions will continue for all Recorders on a monthly basis from September.

Trails of Discovery

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Trails of Discovery are aimed at children aged 8-12 years, but can be fun for the whole family.

The Trails of Discovery consist of illustrated questionnaires that take you on a trail around a specific church on the Island.

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