Church Recorders


The Church Recorders are members of the The Arts Society. Local groups operate at society level while methodology, training and quality standards are co-ordinated on a National basis.

Secular groups of volunteers interested in preserving national heritage work together to record the contents of places of worship. Records assist with compilation of terriers and inventories, preserve information for posterity in case of closure, provide information for police in cases of theft or other damage and provide basic information for researchers.

The only membership requirement is to be a full or associate member of The Arts Society and be interested in church history.

Isle of Man Church Recorders

Church Recording - The Future

During 2020, following consultation with institutions that receive Church Records and the member Arts Societies which produce them, The Arts Society decided to withdraw sponsorship and support for Church Recording, leaving it up to each member society to decide whether to continue to offer some support to local Church Recorder groups as a community and heritage volunteering activity.

A new national committee has been set up to support Church Recording groups throughout the UK.

The committee of The Arts Society Isle of Man has decided to continue to support Church Recording on the Isle of Man for the time being and to keep the matter under review.

Group History

The Arts Society Isle of Man formed a group of Church Recorders in January 2002. St ColumbaIn the following years the Group has recorded twelve churches: St Sanctain's, Santon; St Mary's Chapel, Ballure; The Royal Chapel, St John's; St Bridget, The Nunnery, Douglas; St Mark's Church, St Mark's; St Thomas's, Douglas; Kirk Christ, Lezayre; St Mary de Ballaugh Old Church, Ballaugh; St Mary de Ballaugh Parish Church, Ballaugh; St Cairbre, Belle Abbey, Arbory; St Columba, Arbory and Kirk Andreas, Andreas.

The group is currently working at St Runius and Old St Runius churches in the parish of Marown..

St Cairbre, Belle Abbey, Arbory

Church Records

On the Isle of Man copies of Church Records are given to the church concerned and to Manx National Heritage, which acts as the local National Monument Records Centre and Diocesan Registry. Church Records can be accessed in the library at the Manx Museum under access number MS 11165.

The Isle of Man Group

Our group presently consists of twelve enthusiastic members. Working together has highlighted individual talents that have proved useful towards compiling records of memorials, metalwork, stonework, woodwork, textiles, paintings, library, windows and miscellaneous items within churches. We meet between September and June every year, choosing to take a break from T.T. until the beginning of the autumn term. During that time we have approximately monthly general meetings when we all meet to discuss progress, to take part in some sort of training and enjoy a cup of tea together. Between these meeting we meet approximately weekly for short working sessions inside our chosen church.

New Members

We are always keen to welcome new members and are happy to support them to find out how best they feel they can contribute to our work. If you have a little free time and are interested to see what we do, come and meet us. We would also like to hear from members of places of worship who may wish for the contents of their buildings to be recorded in detail. Contact to arrange a meeting.

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Isle of Man Church Recorders: Review 2019-2020


Our membership remains fairly stable but the time some of us has available has been restricted by either illness or other commitments.


Although work has been interrupted by Coronavirus we are nearing completion of our current project, which is to record St Runius and Old St Runius churches in the Parish of Marown.